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Snakes Like Raku, Too!

Last weekend some friends came over for a day of raku firing.  What a nice day it was, too, with some good conversation and some good firing results.  One of the most interesting parts of the day was spent observing an uninvited guest meander around the perimeter of our firing area.


I think he was what we commonly refer to as a “chicken snake”.  When stretched his full length, you really got a sense of how long he was, about 5.5 feet from what we could tell.  He finally got bored with us and slithered up a nearby tree.  Thankfully there were no limbs from that tree overhanging where we were working!



I spend weekdays in an office because of “the job”, so it was really nice to spend the day outdoors, snake and all!  These are some of the results of our firings that day.  We’re getting closer to what we’re trying to achieve with the copper matte glaze.  Looking forward to more experimenting soon.